Protected: Distorted Bout (remodelling) – vicissitude

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The salacious velvet veil That now seals up the eye. Has no-motion emotions It is unspoken goodbye. For “I” has traveled inland To part with human life. No more sharing of dreams No more seeking to try. To the boundried boxed shadow Of walls short in impediment A safe heaven, your meadow Where one guards […]

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Freedom is sold

Yes, freedom is here. The land is there to show: what you plant, grows. So freedom-plant! Make this. Your number one demand. Freedom is sold, bought, but not bestowed. Freedom is chased and gauged by one’s soul. Freedom is gained, freedom is lost Freedom is a dream, you little boy! If I am free, why […]

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Walled Up

The wall, unbearable threshold Comparts and parks the devil. The one that speaks no beast But smokes on rising feet. To step on the unknown The wall will halt it down You only go as far as The key can fit the lock brass. To attain, knowledge, the key May the teller bear the grief […]

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The Kiss

The Kiss . . A longed prolonged kiss, Of moisten long tongues Is born of crossed speech That rattles restless bones. . . Here is the unconscious, savouring the moment, that cannot be worded. But knowing that words can brigde us and help us connect, we try to express. #thekiss #gustavklimt #klimt #poetrynation #poetryoftheday #poetrycollab […]

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Channel Shut

Channel Shut . . Poetry is dying. Poetry is leaving me Poetry is aborting The land of fantasy. Now pain, no longer lingers, Creates cracks on soiled clay. To canyonise, this new life The valley opens wide. But, no poetry simply means Your inner ears have clipped Unconsciousness cannot be silenced For it finds a […]

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